Here you will find all of my characters that live elsewhere.

Nexus Links

Kshau Protectorate

New Year's Eve 2021 Checkerboard Ball


Taleasin Keyxidor and Eqo Zwitterion and Euhesma Zwitterion
Ettrian Keyxidor and Brilmeba
Niq Valence and Cilali Dumani
Cipher Valence and Gerluath
Wymer King and Muklukth
Erlathan Staghart and Grepixyeth
Varrazos Xastrok and Belur Sheva
Vedrima Molmuth and Chaen Leveth ahlHadaa
Saevel and Hutamsh and Yunsheva
Ayla Lenville and Tjuetoth
Ansiel Venvalur and Xusanyth
Irin Krismyar and Thranth'Alkar
Lucius Darknoll and Feibuu Nye'nnay and Taomami and Mawlaeju
Zena Shadowend and Fohl Turun
Avalon Bloodworth and Tuxedo
Silvaria Whisper and Xenuca Moonshield
Indigo Lovelace and Baqli'nye
Lux Willow and Rhoiboth and Dyalkeba
Arlayna Caitris and Ransheva
Khilseith Sagewing and Haiante
Fenian Brightthorne and Mav ahlTahnhadaa and Bymthol
Vartian Brightthorne and Yarukeba
Tanyl Zylwynn and Yanlaeju
Kazimir Kirillovich and Cyrsheva and Krasheva
Chloe Cogwright and Elk Zwitterion
Zolgrinas Salgromun and Dewcada
Imizael and Lirastash

Rainbow Glitz clutch AmaSin

Aalmia and Osowifith
Thaimdas and Dylokoth

Triple Clutch

Finnea Roneiros
Kerym Roneiros
Semalion Gilkrana

Nidus Ryslen

Flurry 2021

Vandist and Lyerisyth
Sath'talen and Mai'dharixko
Elidyr and Pieti Promontores
Halorna Shaydark and Auceruith Promontores
Hellantha Shaydark and Emveroth
Hallen Shaydark and Runike Akira
Xavnos Elatris and Garrase
Alytha Elatris and Chymosarth
Syllitia Tranorin and Viarinenth
Syllaela Tranorin and Raechoth
Syllivren Tranorin and Haiendauth
Zelris Gilhorn and Ceceroth
Elrona Erwynn and Meredith
Crisli Syltris and Yodyt Mansiq
Zinhera Fenzeiros and Tiamoreri
Colrion Luberos and Inglereth
Alrion Luberos and Quarlisove
Terridan Brymaer and Destira Ramaya
Telaerys Brymaer and Lleth
Jerlan Rosandoral and Saurel Sislen-Oranato
Aelnarra Torgwyn and Maharanis
Ianthin Torgwyn and Kaberuuth
Ildyr Torgwyn and Bryhini
Ailuin Raloris and Naletra
Khyrmin Eilsalor and Khyral'Vacy
Rennyn Yllatoris and Frost
Delsaran Orikian and Keykeloth
Faelara Maglee and Ovnyth

Baskar Castle

Emelisse and Earth Ireenla
Ricon Goldfinch and Water Anwenla

The Refugium

Mermay Mini-Frenzy

Phialinai and Nelisend
Raethea and Cissia Acuan-Oranato
Petronella Sterling and Gallywr
Leomaris and Anguinei
Flux Atwater and Gazam-Anyaythlis'Refugium

Lantessama Isle

Alreth Valqen and Amethyst Jotath
Anmia Krissatra and Water Opal Fisounisth
Emros Xyrwynn and Jasper Voutdrei
Zelphar Featherbow and Aquamarine Mica Pheadrath
Sketch Tarson and Crab Kanile
Vera Trembath and Fountain-mottled Abyss Chione
Nele Witting and Rock Tsaya
Turner Lennow and Opal-Ruby Codruth

Reindeer Clutch

Bethor and Iphupha
Diantha and Ilhama
Estheris and Agareza
Hosanna and Singilu
Ledger and Fleuve
Lyanca and Kuusk
Nimue Yelhana and Orameiro
Vero and Lasaeng

Gem Dragon Giveaway

Morena and Zaki and Devin
Olshara and Mukar and Giza
Pelleas and Bindui and Preeas
Talanashta and Curxiu and Orvik

2023 Easter Bunny Giveaway

Chaozek and Togar and Urda and Veomu
Delwyn and Vestrian and Failligo and Stivel

Kyanos Weyr

Celestia Talbot
Ikeshia Carris
Lorenz Rudel
Lyndis Erlana
Melion Snow
Nylathria Stormwillow
Sillavana Mossmantle
Solana Mossmantle
Radelia Sylsalor

Triple Clutch

Filauria Bikrana and Gray-Marked Green Chiogalith
Arik Mirgror and White Piarriath
Neira Xerreth and Blue Legrenth
Vista Windlass and Red Kirideth
Darja Wirth and Purple-Marked Cyan Agryth
Elrach Yelmenor and Silver Viandalth


Shade Ravenel
Iden Ravenel

Empyrean Stair

Akin Gowart
Calder Stratford
Estelle Hallewell
Arath Arthromuuz

IGPC Memorial

Tekumel and Aribith
Simeon Gridley and Canminth
Malise Le Rouge and Klohanath
Georgina Hellyer and Nonarith
Aayden Kindel and Caprith
Rosina Winter and Davderth
Amon Ironwood and Karromth
Marin Hornbeam and Relnysth
Gwendolyn Redwood and Senarith
Beck Roseberg and Vondarth
Lugano Rhyner and Daphath
Josephine Cromwell and Faronath
Opalina Shade and Reyrieth
Aileen Grimsbane and Tanarith
Sidney Catts and Xineth
Flora Gaudreau and Zaharath
Veronica Griffins and Adrielth
Kaine Sephiran and Dornarth
Delano Wolf and Perranth
Alexandra Wraith and Tishviath

The Vella Crean

Amaryllis Knotts and Blood Court Red Shariath
Arietta and Dark Court Bronze Viranth
Finn Heiler and Light Court Blue Tanhaith

Dawn Castle

Kherol Farlee and Desert Lunarph

Acicade Castle

Raysin Keykalyn and Water Hisuhi

Nidus Asteri

Mai In and Mayjasiwi Diemicana-Pariyani
Maja Semmler and Sioc Diemicana-Pariyani
Sijoh In and Bahoz Diemicana-Pariyani

Nidus Aven

Alwin Rokiruuz
Madris Cloudthorn
Neia Rosebeam
Rhangyl Preskalyn
Rina Farthana
Silvyr Rosebeam
Tania Brunelle
Ulvech Xolvekar

Derivative Works

Alistair Pennington and Cipeny Selamputo and Shekais Selamputo and Frinyr Selamputo
Aubron and Asansi'isar
Yesfine and Aonixia'isa and Amandonoph'isan
Candala and Andaixi'isa and Otaphoph'isan
Fyda-ra and Bismuth
Nueleth and Emsino Auradance

Abstract Destiny Clutch #23

Leela Halvorsen and Godeu Na'carrah
Zelhala and Levirel Na'carrah

The Burrow

Fhalon and Re'pax
Jordyr and Murmur
Kethryllia and Treehopper
Naexi and Pinnycle
Janalee and Rusalka
Caerthynna and Seacu
Hatharal and Anxasola
Irandrar and Sagesath
Vylriona and Palenuard rii Navisno
Zaira and Song'kee rii Navisno


Grurbaela and Crevasse-Claimed
Hamon and Hydrassi

Dragon Pact

Remthil and Ashheb-Shananak
Midiala and Preroth

The Firecaverns

Zilyana and Ashkah'Ione

Alt Benden

Dursun and Laroth

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