Name: Neia
Full Name: Neia Rosebeam
Pronunciation: NEE - ah ROHS - beem
Nickname: None
Race: Fairy of the Autumn Court
Birthday: January 28th
Age: 243
Gender: Female
Class: Scribe
Deity: Viana, Goddess of Seasons
Pets: 1 Opal Flit Named Xyza and 1 Rhodonite Flit Named Ture
Current Residence: Wanderer

Height: 6'2"
Build: Slender
Skin Tone: Pale
Eyes: Blue Gray
Hair Color: Auburn Red
Hair Length and Style: Past Hips and Full
Clothing Style: Dresses with Shorter Sleeves

Parents: Married
Siblings: None
Spouse(s): Male Fairy of the Autumn Court Named Silvyr
Offspring: 1 Daughter
History: She is the only child of her parents and grew up following her father to the palace where he worked as a scribe. She loved the smell of the ink and scrolls and wanted nothing more than to join him. She grew up on stories that her mother would tell her of other places and adventures and also loved exploring the palace and the area around her home. When she was old enough, she became an apprentice scribe and began to learn everything her father had not already taught her. She enjoyed her work but also wanted to have adventures of her own to tell others about. She met her husband in the marketplace when she suspected a noble of trying to take advantage of him by not paying a reasonable price for his work. Angered by the noble's actions, she stepped in and set them straight. She now travels with her husband and daughter to various places and is quite content to hire herself out as a scribe when she can. She came across her two friends while climbing during her travles. While one was supposed to be for her husband, it didn't quite work out that way.


Abilities/Skills: Organized, Neat, Intelligent, Autumn Seasonal Magic, Good with People, Climbing, Storytelling
Personality: In spite of being a scribe, she is not shy and can converse easily with most poeple. She is rather perceptive and can be suspicious of those that she believes are trying to take advantage of others. She loves her family and loves exploring the world with them. She enjoys stories and good songs. She is usually very amiable, but when angered, she can be extremely fierce.

Iron & Ivy Designs

Xyza and Ture are from Lantessama Isle.
Neia is a candidate at Nidus Aven
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