Name: Rhangyl
Full Name: Rhangyl Preskalyn
Pronunciation: RAHN - geel prehs - KAHL - ihn
Nickname: Rhan
Race: Day Elf
Birthday: September 8th
Age: 244
Gender: Male
Class: Smith
Deity: Annir, God of Order
Pets: None
Current Residence: Large City

Height: 6'2"
Build: Average
Skin Tone: Really Pale
Eyes: Green
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Hair Length and Style: To Low Back with Fringe, Usually Pulled Back or Braided
Clothing Style: Work Apron, Well-worn Shirts and Pants

Parents: Widowed Mother
Siblings: 1 Younger Brother
Spouse(s): Female Day Elf named Mhoryga
Offspring: None
History: His father died just as he reached adulthood, and he took over his father's forge to keep the family's finances afloat. He helped to raise his much younger brother alongside his mother. He learned his craft from his father and hopes one day to pass on his knowledge to his own child. He knew his wife for many years, having been at regular market days together. However, he was too focused on his work to notice her interest in him at first, and she was forced to be rather blunt with him regarding her desire to court him. They have now been married for five years, and he is grateful for her steadiness, companionship, and the respect she has for his craft.

Abilities/Skills: Smithing, Strength, Teaching, Good Memory, Bad with Animals
Personality: He does not take flack from anyone, though he is careful around those of higher class, knowing that he needs their business. He loves his family and takes their care and protection seriously. He loves his work and can be a workaholic at times due to being hyper focused and really enjoying what he does. He hates being interrupted while at work and is very protective of his forge and workspace. When he's not at work or concentrating on other things, he can become lonely rather easily and enjoys the company of his family.

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Rhangyl is a candidate at Nidus Aven
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