Name: Finn
Full Name: Finn Heiler
Pronunciation: FIHN HAI - luhr
Nickname: None
Race: Human
Birthday: March 29
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Class: Monk
Deity: Rialdir, God of Change
Pets: None
Current Residence: Temple of Rialdir

Height: 5'9"
Build: Average
Skin Tone: Extremely Pale
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair Color: Auburn Red
Hair Length and Style: Cropped Short to Above the Ears and Always Neat
Clothing Style: Robes

Parents: Raised by the priests of the temple
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse(s): None
Offspring: None
History: Finn was found as an infant on the doorstep of the temple, and he was taken in and raised by the priests there. The high priest suspects that his mother was most likely a witch given his skill with magic and that males are generally regarded as useless in the strong matriarchal culture most witches follow. He exhibited his magical abilities at a young age, and the high priest found a wandering wizard willing to come to the temple to teach him for several years until he could control his magic. He first began healing animals but soon found he could heal people as well with a quick spell or two. He was in his late teens when the people of the temple began to refer to him as Finn the Healer or Finn Heiler, and the name has stuck with him since. In recent years, he has discovered a love of gardening and has found that he can also heal plants. Everyone swears that the produce from the gardens he tends is always the best. He is happy with his life and only reluctantly agreed to the high priest's command to travel to Vella Crean as an emissary to that dimension.

Abilities/Skills: Gardening, Basic Potion Making, Basic Cooking, Advanced Healing Magic, Basic Water Magic
Personality: Finn is a rather quiet individual who loves to help people and give back to the world. While he is well aware of the evils that exist outside of the temple due to the many injuries and illnesses he has treated, he has never left its walls and is still rather sheltered and naive to an extent. He is very kind and patient, but when he is, at last, roused to anger, he is truly a force to be reckoned with. He cannot stand selfish or ungrateful people. He loves children and often entertains the orphans taken in by the temple along with the young initiates.

Finn has bonded with Light Court Blue Tanhaith!


Tanhaith is a gentle, meticulous blue, curious about different worlds, about power and magic, and figuring out the best way to help support his rider.

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Tanhaith is from The Vella Crean
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