Name: Zilyana
Age: 423
Gender: Female
Physical Description: She is a dark elf as evidenced by her pale complexion and dark hair. She has pointed ears like all elves and eyes as dark as her hair. She is tall and willowy and can usually be seen in well made tunics.
Personality: She is rather quiet and mysterious. She keeps to herself and guards her secrets well.
Short Bio: She is the last member of her family and has spent years perfecting light and healing magic. She travels and provides aid to those she wishes to help. No one seems to know exactly how she determines whether to help someone or not.
Special Powers?: Longevity, Increased Sight, Increased Speed, Increased Hearing, Magic (Light)

Zilyana is the companion of Ashkah'Ione!

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From: Rainbow Glitz Gather - Alba x Ashkah'Jidat
Dam: Ashkah'Jidat
Dam 2: Alba
Species: Gem Dragon/Glenn Dragon/Gem Dragon (Aranedor-derived) Mutt
Name: Ashkah'Ione
Gender: Female
Adult Size: 6' at the shoulder
Color: Purple and Silver
Personality: Nosy, Outgoing, Tends to Overeat, Likes Being the Center of Attention, Dislikes the Quiet, Likes Green Mates
Abilities: Verbal Speech, Telepathy, Ball of Light, Breath Weapon (Breeze of Regeneration), Plane Shifting, Stargazing, White Magic, Gemstone Affinity , Metal Affinity
Notes: They do not bond upon hatching.

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Ashkah'Ione is from The Firecaverns.
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