Name: Naexi
Age: 261
Gender: Female
Physical Description: She is a fairy of the winter court and has light colored wings. Her blue hair and pale skin also speak to her heritage.
Personality: She is diplomatic and polite in all her interactions as befits her station, but her politeness often lacks sincerity.
Short Bio: She was born and raised as a noble and taught all types of diplomacy and propriety. She is also able to protect herself and keeps a dagger on her person at all times.
Special Powers?: Increased Longevity, Can Dematerialize Wings, Seasonal Magic (winter)

Naexi is a companion to Pinnycle!


From: BRW Gen 1W
Dam: Polige
Sire: Merydian
Technical Breakdown: Dragon Mutt
Name: Pinnycle
Gender: Female
Adult Size: 9'6" at the shoulder
Color: White-Black
Personality: Polite, Extremely Cold
Abilities: Breath Weapon (Fire), Verbal Speech
Notes: Requires Non-bonding Caretaker

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Pinnycle is from The Burrow.
Naexi's picture is from Portrait Works.
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