Name: Rina
Full Name: Rina Farthana
Pronunciation: REE - nah fahr - THAH - nah
Nickname: None
Race: Dusk Elf
Birthday: June 29th
Age: 205
Gender: Female
Class: Mason
Deity: Annir, God of Order
Pets: None
Current Residence: Medium-sized Town

Height: 6'4"
Build: Muscular
Skin Tone: Pale
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Hair Length and Style: To High Back and Kept in Braids
Clothing Style: Well-worn Pants and Shirts

Parents: Foster Parents
Siblings: 1 Older Sister
Spouse(s): None
Offspring: None
History: Her parents died when she was very young, and she and her sister were taken into their uncle's house. Their aunt and uncle were very strict and expected them to earn their keep, so she began accompanying her uncle to the local quarry as soon as she was deemed old enough for it to be safe. Since then, she has learned how to work the stone and is a fairly decent mason. She doesn't particularly enjoy her work though and hopes for something better someday.

Abilities/Skills: Stonework, Strength, Perrceptive, Intelligent
Personality: She is tough, having grown up constantly being told what a burden she and her sister are, so very little affacts her these days. She has a tendency to be rude and sarcastic and lacks the more feminine graces since she spends her time with males. She doesn't like her work but sees the practicality of it. She despises stone statuary as it is both fiddly and pointless in her opinion. She finds her life boring and tedious and hopes for change.

Iron & Ivy Designs

Rina is a candidate at Nidus Aven
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