Name: Madris
Full Name: Madris Cloudthorn
Pronunciation: MAH - drees CLOWD - thorn
Nickname: Ris
Race: Fairy of the Summer Court
Birthday: December 25th
Age: 177
Gender: Female
Class: Farmer
Deity: Viana, Goddess of Seasons
Pets: None
Current Residence: Small Farm Outside of Town

Height: 6'5"
Build: Thin
Skin Tone: Creamy Fair
Eyes: Light Green
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Hair Length and Style: To Nape of Neck and Fluffy
Clothing Style: Sturdy Dresses

Parents: Widowed Mother
Siblings: None
Spouse(s): None
Offspring: None
History: Her father died during her early adolescence, and she has helped her mother run their small household ever since. During winter, she works in town looking after and teaching the children of more privaleged households. She is very close to her mother and loves to work alongside her in their small garden. Her education is a bit lacking, but she knows enough to get by and help the children that she looks after. She got her incredible height and looks from her father and misses him dearly. Besides his death, she has led a rather quiet, average life.

Abilities/Skills: Farming, Stamina, Teaching, Good with Children, Summer Seasnal Magic, Gardening, Manifest/Hide Wings
Personality: She is a curious person and loves learning new things, but it also makes her rather easy to distract. She is socially awkward, having never gotten used to being quite so tall, but she loves children, who don't seem to mind her height at all. She is very polite and treats everyone around her well. She loves to hear about other places and sometimes toys with the idea of exploring, but she also really loves her small home.

Iron & Ivy Designs

Madris is a candidate at Nidus Aven
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