Name: Ulvech
Full Name: Ulvech Xolvekar
Pronunciation: OOL - vehk ZOHL - veh - kahr
Nickname: None
Race: Demon
Birthday: April 30th
Age: 197
Gender: Male
Class: Healer
Deity: Morbis, God of Chaos
Pets: None
Current Residence: Large City

Height: 6'1"
Build: Lean and Muscular
Skin Tone: Tan
Eyes: Hazel Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Length and Style: To Hips with Bangs
Clothing Style: Comfortable Shirts and Pants

Parents: Widowed Father
Siblings: None
Spouse(s): None
Offspring: None
History: He is the only child of his parents and took after his mother in his abilities. His mother died when he was young, and his father raised him to follow his footsteps as a soldier. When his abilities became apparent, he was sent to study magic. After completing his education, he was consripted into the demon king's army and worked as a soldier for many years. However, he soon grew tired of seducing unsuspecting individuals and using his powers for the gain of others. Instead, he enjoyed healing magic, which he taught himself on the sly while he was a student. He has recently fled the realm in order to further his healing abilities and put them into practice. Luckily, his natural appearance is not far from a human's, and his glamor magic can cover his more demonic traits.

Abilities/Skills: Healing, Seduction Magic, Glamors, Good with Animals, Horseback Riding
Personality: He is usually quiet, but he has a natural charm that draws others to him. He loves animals and gets along well with them. He enjoys fixing things including others' injuries. He enjoys reading and studying. He can be extremely stubborn. After years in the army, he hates being idle and is rather meticulous about his appearance.

Iron & Ivy Designs

Ulvech is a candidate at Nidus Aven
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