Name: Tania
Full Name: Tania Brunelle
Pronunciation: tah - NEE - ah broo - NEHL
Nickname: Nia
Race: Human
Birthday: April 10th
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Class: Vintner
Deity: Rialdir, God of Change
Pets: 1 Cat Named Olesia and 1 Ruby Flit Named Ema
Current Residence: Large City

Height: 5'11"
Build: Thin
Skin Tone: Light Tan
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Red
Hair Length and Style: Past Hips with Bangs
Clothing Style: Work Apron, Sturdy Dresses

Parents: Married
Siblings: 1 Older Sister and 1 Younger Brother
Spouse(s): None
Offspring: None
History: She grew up as the middle child and second daughter of a happily married couple. She loved to help her mother in the kitchen when she was at home, and when she was not, she loved to run around the city with and without her siblings. She eventually discovered the local winery and was fascinated by the process of making wine and the intricacies of developing the various flavors. When she was old enough she became an apprentice there and has loved it every since. Her father is a fairly well off merchant, and she is considered by most to be a good catch for marriage. But she has no intention of marrying any time soon, and her parents see no reason to force her into it. Instead, she hopes one day to have her own vineyard. The only thing her parents insisted was that she learn how to protect herself in her wanderings, so her father taught her archery. It was during her rambles that she found her two friends, who generally accompany her everywhere now.


Abilities/Skills: Wine Making, Dancing, Music, Archery
Personality: She loves her work and is very dedicated to it. She can spend hours working without realizing it, but when she isn't working, she loves to explore the city and the area outside of it. She's social and gets along well with others fairly easily. She is generally happy and optimistic, and her bad moods are short-lived. She can be a bit oblivious to the feelings of others but is still well-liked by most.

Iron & Ivy Designs

Olesia is from Gineya Isle.
Ema is from Lantessama Isle.
Tania is a candidate at Nidus Aven
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