A large manor house comes into view as the trees that surround it break enough to allow it to be seen. It is stately as it sits upon a high hill surrounded by thick woods and well manicured lawns. But, this estate is only alive at night.

    Nicolae - a first generation vampire who has been alive for more than four hundred years. He was turned into a vampire by a very powerful witch to escape death.

    Adelia - Nikolaus's first wife who was born towards the beginning of the Baroque period in Italy. She is a talented musician and appreciates others that share her love of music.

    Saeda - Nikolaus's second wife who was a fortune teller living on the streets. She is ambitious and conniving and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

    Nadia - Nikolaus's third wife who hails from a noble family of the frozen plains of Russia.

    Miyako - Nikolaus's fourth wife who is an oni he summoned in Japan. She is bound to him and serves as his personal bodyguard to protect him from everyone, including his other wives.

    Katriene - Nikolaus's fifth wife who comes from a French peasant family. She sought Nikolaus out on her own and is rather mentally unstable.

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