Here you will find all the information regarding Nicolae, his profile, background, stories, etc.

Timeline of Life Events

    -Born in Romania to a high ranking noble family in the 1300's
    -Father died and he takes over the position at court as a councilor to the king
    -Miranda comes into town and speaks to him regarding an opportunity at eternal life, but he turns her down
    -The Plague begins to ravish the town, and half the people die, including Nicolae's mother
    -Fearing for his life, Nicolae seeks Miranda out and takes her deal, escaping the sickness in exchange for a vial of his blood
    -Miranda performs an ancient ceremony that leaves Nicolae a vampire with a mark on his leg as a symbol of their contract and as a result of the curse he now bears
    -Miranda leaves Nicolae to his fate
    -Nicolae gradually adapts to his new life as a first generation vampire
    -Nicolae becomes lonely after many years and turns a fellow nobleman for companionship
    -The new vampire betrays him and drives him from his homeland.
    -Nicolae eventually flees to Italy
    -Nicolae meets Adelia
    -Nicolae and Adelia marry
    -Adelia discovers the truth of his vampirism
    -Nicolae and Adelia leave Italy for England
    -Nicolae takes on the role of Nicholas, Marquess of Windmere, as a direct reference to the vampire he turned who refers to himself as a baron
    -Nicolae meets Saeda in the streets
    -Nicolae marries Saeda and brings her home
    -Adelia tries to murder Saeda, and Nicolae is forced to intervene
    -Nicolae and Adelia have a terrible battle, and he nearly kills her
    -Frustrated with both women, Nicolae travels to Russia
    -Nicolae meets Nadia
    -Nicolae marries Nadia and sends her back to his estate
    -Fearing that his new wife may join forces with one of his other wives against him, he travels to Japan
    -In Japan, Nicolae summons an anciet demon, Miyako, and binds her to him
    -The two travel back to their estate in England
    -With rising suspician, Nicolae relocates to the French countryside with his four wives
    -Katriene shows up at his door.
    -Nicolae agrees to turn her as a form of amusement for himself.
    -Nicolae marries Katriene

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