Name: Leomaris
Full Name: Leomaris
Pronunciation: lee - AH - mah - rihs
Nickname: None
Race: Merman
Birthday: May 25
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Deity: None
Pets: None
Current Residence: Deep Ocean

Height: 7'2 from Head to Tail
Build: Broad and Muscular
Skin Tone: Fair
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Dark Green, Tail is Teal
Hair Length and Style: To Shoulders and Straight
Clothing Style: Shell Necklace and Animal Hide Belt

Parents: Deceased
Siblings: Deceased Younger Brother
Spouse(s): None
Offspring: None
History: He was born as the oldest child and son of a happy couple. He learned to hunt at an early age as part of living in their tribe. He was excited when his younger brother was born and took his duties as older sibling seriously. Unfortunately, a strange plague struck his tribe, killing all but him. He has wandered the ocean alone ever since. A strange whirlpool transported him to the Refugium, and he has decided to stay in the hopes of bonding to ease his lonliness.

Abilities/Skills: Fighting, Breathing Underwater, Survival, Hunting
Personality: He is a very loyal individual and protective of those he cares about. He misses his family deeply and suffers from deep grief and lonliness. He is excited to be among others again and is looking forward to finding a bond for himself.

Leomaris has bonded with Anguinei!


Name: Anguinei
Gender: Female
Species: Betta-Dragonfish Dragon
Adult Length: 24'
Color: Green with Orange-Green Fins
Abilities: Telepathy, Underwater Breathing, Distracting Eye, Teleportation, Eternal Patience, Hunter's Mark
Personality: Anguinei is cunning and charismatic, but she uses her charms for benevolent means. She cares greatly for her bond and feels his grief as strongly as if it were her own. She desires community and has the will to create it, along with a heft of charisma that attracts people to her. Anguinei is chivalrous with a strong moral code, protective of those she loves and those who would benefit her social circle. Despite her optimistic outlook for their future, Anguinei can't deny a part of her is cynical: it takes so little to destroy a family. Anguinei is ever prepared, ever vigilant, for threats she can control, and despises those that she can't.
Bond: Leomaris

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Leomaris is a candidate at Planet Zar
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