Name: Amaryllis
Full Name: Amaryllis Knotts
Pronunciation: am - uh - RIHL - lihs NAHTS
Nickname: Ril
Race: Human
Birthday: September 1
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Class: Apprentice Tailor
Deity: Rialdir, God of Change
Pets: None
Current Residence: New London

Height: 6'3"
Build: Willowy
Skin Tone: Creamy with several small scars along her hands
Eyes: Hazel Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length and Style: Shoulder Length and Usually Tied Back
Clothing Style: Simple dresses with few adornments

Parents: Widowed Mother
Siblings: Two Older Brothers and Three Younger Brothers
Spouse(s): None
Offspring: None
History: She was born as the shortest and only female in a family full of extremely tall males. Her family's home has always been rather lively since both of her parents worked as blacksmiths and machinists. Her oldest brother has always looked out and protected her, and they are extremely close. Her second brother died from illness while she was still a child. She looked after her younger brothers as her oldest brother did for her, and she still gets along well with the youngest two. However, she has never been overly fond of her next younger brother, who is only a year younger than her. When she was ten, she was bitten by a stray dog, and he teased her relentlessly about turning into a werewolf. Since then, the two have been at odds, and she has never recovered from the dreadful fear of canines that developed from the experience. In her teens, her eldest brother began to learn the gentlemenly pursuits of fencing and shooting, and he saw nothing wrong with teaching his sister in order to have a practice partner. It drove her governess crazy, but since she had also grown to love sewing, the lady allowed it to pass. A lady could never be too careful after all. Her eldest brother married during the last year, but she has yet to be approached for a courship. When the priest of Rialdir approached her about becoming an emissary for their dimension to the Vella Crean, she was initially hesitant, but with her brother's encouragement, she has agreed to go and see what life has in store for her with this adventure.

Abilities/Skills: Sewing, Basic Machine Maintenance, Fencing, Shooting a Gun
Personality: She is rather self-conscious because of her height and does not make friends easily due to being rather socially awkward. Around her family and close friends, however, she is Open and friendly, even boistrous on occasion. Despite her pastimes and growing up with nothing but brothers, she is not a tomboy and enjoys the quiet work of her profession. She has a small adventurous streak, which is what has made her agree to travel through the dimensions. She enjoys a well-balanced life full of exercise as well as quiet moments. She usually likes to plan ahead for things but can be spontaneous on occasion.

Amaryllis has bonded with Blood Court Red Shariath!


Shariath is a very good momma dragon. She will always be the older sister, the mother, the aunt, taking care of others. But above them all, her rider comes first. (So where is this sibling of hers that teased her so, and what were they going to do about it?)

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Shariath is from The Vella Crean
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